The Underside of Orange

Brett Miller


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The Underside of Orange is the debut disc from Brett Miller, hornist and composer. A multi-faceted musician, Brett delights audiences with both his compositional skills and performance abilities. Dr. Miller is a member of the U.S. Air Force Band, Washington, D.C. You will not be disappointed by this disc – fantastic playing and great new music!

From Paul Basler of Horn Call Magazine, “It’s always a pleasure getting to know and listen to another hornist/composer’s music. Brett Miller is a fine young musician with plenty of potential and talent. Currently a member of the Ceremonial Brass in the USAF Band, Brett has offered up an excellent and interesting collection of his original compositions for solo horn, horn and piano, and horn, tuba and piano. The sound engineering for the CD is of the highest order and the performances wonderful by Brett and his colleagues.

Brett’s horn playing, and indeed his horn writing, foucuses primarily on the upper register of the instrument. With few exceptions the tessitura is quite high. Yet Brett easily manages this all with solid, centered playing that is a joy to hear. The most successful compositions on the CD are the Sonata for Horn and Piano and the Unseen Colors for Horn, Tuba and Piano. Here, we get a focused representation of Brett’s highly creative soul and can only imagine that future works by this talented young musician will be welcome additions to the horn literature. For those of you out there who have always wanted a patriotic solo horn encore/showpiece, well, Brett has more than delivered in his America! for solo horn. This over-the-top two minute, horn-jock extravaganza is sure to delight and impress any audience.”

Track Listing

  1. Adagio For Horn And Piano
  2. Concerto For Horn
  3. Strauss Concert Etude No. 1
  4. Andante For Horn And Piano
  5. Blue
  6. Sonata For Horn And Piano
  7. America!
  8. Unseen Colors For Horn, Tuba And Piano

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