Awaiting Julian (Part II) for Trombone Quartet (printed and shipped)

David Gluck


David Gluck

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From the composer:

Part II of I has a Bossa/Latin based rhythmical feel. It alternates between “brighter” and “darker” melodic motifs. At letter F, trombone 1 solos, however, parts can be exchanged allowing any member to solo. Starting at letter H, the piece quotes a portion of a famous recorded guitar solo from a late 1960s innovative west coast rock/pop band and treats it as a musical round. Awaiting Julian Part II works well following Part I but can certainly be played on its own. For performance ideas, please refer to the studio-recording version of the piece on the album “Obsessed With Treasure” which can be found on all on-line digital music platforms.

  • David Gluck

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