Little Suite for Bassoon and Bass Clarinet (printed and shipped)

Reed Hanna


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“Little Suite is a short work for bassoon and bass clarinet that I wrote in 2013-2014 as a gift for my friends Shannon Lowe (bassoon) and Peter Geldrich (clarinet). The movements are written in three distinct musical styles: the first movement is inspired by clarinet lines in the opening section of Stravinsky’s Symphonies of Wind Instruments, and the second movement by the Passacaglia in Krzysztof Penderecki’s Symphony No. 3. The third movement is an original dance tune that I sometimes jokingly like to refer to as a 3/4 rhumba. The version for two bassoons came as an afterthought after I had performed the piece for the first time with a bass clarinetist. The two bassoon iteration not all that different from the original, but sounds remarkably different because of the same instrumental timbre. I have since wondered what the piece would sound like if the second part were played on a cello, or the first part (with some obvious octave transpositions) on a viola…”- Reed A. Hanna

Parts Included: Bassoon and Bass Clarinet

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