Fabrizio Fontanot

Fabrizio Fontanot was born in Trieste (Italy) in 1962, and is a music teacher. He took a diploma in Trumpet at Conservatorio J. Tomadini in Udine, a diploma in Composition and Band Instrumentation at the Conservatorio Dall’Abaco in Verona and he studied Choir Direction and Choir Composition at the Conservatorio Steffani in Castelfranco Veneto.

He received many awards in National and International Composition contests such as Inno a San Francesco Italian Federation Pueri Cantores Assisi (1st prize), “Accademia Setticlavio Salerno” (3rd prize), Britten on the Bay New York 2000 (1st prize), Vittoria Caffa Righetti Torino 2005 (1st prize), Citta di Pietra Ligure 2001 (2nd prize), Citta di Cortemilia 2000 and 2001 (3rd prize), and finalist in the Helmut Laberer Timpano d’oro Roma (Italy), Irino Prize (Japan), ISCM New York (USA), Union Grand Duc Adolphe (Belgium), Rosolino Toscano Pescara (Italy), Diapason d’argento Mantova (Italy), Saarlouis Kompositionswettbewerb (Germany), e Aberdeen Music Prize (Scotland). His works have been performed in many theaters and places all over the world.

He collaborates with many soloists and ensemble groups and he writes for many music publishers.