Harmoniae Saltantes for Tuba and Piano

Fabrizio Fontanot


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Harmoniae Saltantes is composed in three movements that each represent a typical danza of Italian peninsula: the Furlana, the Siciliana and the Tarantella. The first movement (Furlana) is  characterized by joyous but fluid movement between the tuba and piano, highlighting the players more intimate and emotional aspects. In the second section (Siciliana) the thematic cell develops in some variations that, as in a deforming mirror, transform the appearance, alternating passages full of lyricism with movements full of vital energy that produces tension. In the third and last part (Tarantella) you meet the tuba virtuoso aspect juxtaposed with its inherent lyricism and expressiveness. The piano replies to the brilliant theme from the tuba in a dialogue of rich sound comparisons in a dialogue that finishes in sound blocks that display throughout, with reiterations, the rhythmic-melodic fragments of the final theme.

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