Two Peruvian Duets for Clarinet Duo (printed and shipped)

Armando Guevara Ochoa, arr. Katherine Palmer


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Arranger Katherine Palmer says, “A huayno is a popular dance from the Andes that features pentatonic melodies, a long-short-short rhythmical pattern, moderate tempo, duple meter, and binary structure. It has mestizo roots and holds a prominent place within the Andean culture. Regarding the huayno, Guevara Ochoa once said, ‘My message is that we must not abandon what is ours – the huayno has to be in the soul of the individual. We will never have a national identity as long as the huayno does not get it, as long as we are not vitalized by and rally behind the huayno – the rest comes afterwards.’ This huayno was originally scored for two horns.”

“A harawi is an ancient Incan love song. Typically monophonic, it is characterized by its nostalgic sound. Despite Guevara Ochoa’s reportedly considerable output of this genre, very few copies of these works exist. This edition was created from a manuscript for two violins. These two duets represent the composer’s indigenous roots and mestizo influences.”

Included: Clarinet Duet Book (two copies)

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