The Hispanic Euphonium for Solo Euphonium (PDF download)


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From the composer:

The Hispanic Euphonium is a work for solo Euphonium dedicated to my talented and great friend Eduardo Diz.

The music was composed for the Spanish Association of Tubas and Euphoniums (AETYB) 2018 Competition and premiered at the Royal Conservatory of Music of Madrid.

Containing avant-garde techniques such as slaps, double voices, and glissandos, The Hispanic Euphonium is Spanish in character and poses formidable technical and musical challenges for the instrumentalist.

The music begins with a beautiful melody offering the soloist the opportunity to display deep expression and lyricism. A second section is a furious and energetic Allegro full of chromatism that leads to a virtuosic Cadenza.

The central part of the piece is a delicate Waltz in the form of theme and variations. The melody is simple and gentle, and its transformation into each of the two variations requires virtuosity on the part of the interpreter.

After a Scherzando in binary form that builds tension, we ultimately arrive at the final Andalusian dance that includes flamenco winks, with kicks in the style of the dancers and hand pops that remind us of conventional flamenco guitar strokes.

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