Concerto Italiano Oboe and Piano (PDF download)

Eduardo Nogueroles


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For a few years I have been visiting the Toscana region of Italy with my daughter Sara to attend the famous conducting summer academy at the Accademia Musicale Chigiana in Siena. During these trips we have enjoyed together the landscape, the culture, the architecture, the gastronomy and above all the music, our shared passion.

This work is born as a reminder of these journeys in which the music of Brahms, Wagner, Stravinsky, etc. is added to the sounds of Sara’s daily study with her oboe in the apartament and the bustle in the streets of the city celebrating the famous Palio festivities.

The“Concerto Italiano” for Oboe and Band is structured in the manner of a classical concerto in three movements, alternating solo passages with the Band.

The first movement, La Toscana, is an Allegro Modetrato with a bitematical structure. The first

theme stands out for its naturalness in contrast to a more rhythmic second theme in 10/8. The cadenza shows us the oboe’s skills before leading into a final coda that introduces us to what will later be the third movement.

The second movement, Siena, is an Andante affettuoso in which the oboe’s emotive melody is interrupted by a sarcastic Allegro in waltz form.

The final Saltarello, represented by a well-known and charming traditional theme, is an Italian dance with a fast and joyful character, complemented by a virtuoso cadenza from the oboe.

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