Sonata in G Minor for Tuba and Piano (PDF download)

Henry Eccles, arr. Joseph Caldarise


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While he was a Baroque English composer, Henry Eccles served in the court of the French king Louis XIV for a number of years. It was in France that he wrote one of his most important works, a book of sonatas for the violin. This is where this particular Sonata in G Minor comes from. Over the years, the work has been arranged for nearly all string instruments, most notably for the cello. While this work has already been adapted for the tuba. this arrangement adheres much more strictly to the intent of the original, meaning that there are no cuts, very minimal simplifications. and stylistic markings are done in accordance with the Baroque style. This arrangement is for players who wish to perform the piece in its truest form, while still being perfectly approachable on the tuba.

– Joseph Caldarise (Arranger)

Solo Parts Included: Tuba

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