Sonata for Euphonium and Piano (PDF download)

Frank Lynn Payne


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From the composer:
In the summer of 1953, between my junior and senior years at Little Rock Central High, the band director allowed me to check out a euphonium to see if I could learn to play it. By the time school started in the fall I could play well enough to be in the marching band, and thus began my love of the instrument. To this day I still get my horn out on occasion and blow a few notes. The Sonata is written in the spirit of Gebrauchsmusik meaning that it is meant to be played and listened to. This does not mean that it is an easy piece and it should be a challenge to most performers. However, the rewards for mastering one or all of the movements should be most satisfying to all concerned. Special attention should be given to the asymmetric events in the fourth movement.

  • Frank Lynn Payne

Score and parts included: Euphonium BC/TC


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