Six Romances for Euphonium and Piano (printed and shipped)

Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, arr. Joseph Caldarise


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In his lifetime, Tchaikovsky wrote over 100 short lyrical pieces for voice and piano called “Romances”. Nearly all of them were published in groups of six. This set is a compilation of six of his finest and most powerful Romances spanning his entire career. Plucked from their original sets, these six have been placed in such and order that they tell an entirely new musical story.

The romances included in this set are:

“It Was In the Early Spring” from 6 Romances, Op. 38, No. 2
“The Fearful Moment” from 6 Romances, Op. 28, No. 6
“Why?” from 6 Romances, Op. 6, No. 5
“Reconciliation” from 6 Romances, Op. 25, No. 1
“Once Again, Like Before, I am Alone” from 6 Romances, Op. 73, No. 6
“Does the Day Reign?” from 7 Romances, Op. 47, No. 6
Solo Parts Included: Euphonium BC, TC

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