Primordial Flame for Tuba-Euphonium Quartet (PDF download)

Ben McMillan


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Primordial Flame uses elements of minimalism to further explore what I’ve come to call “aural daydreaming.” As I listen, I imagine a grand cosmic scene unfolding: the newly birthed sun—the primordial flame— surrounded by a spiral dance of swirling stellar materials, forming various bodies. This is, of course, only one interpretation. Starting with a single voice (or flame), it quickly spreads to each voice. The continuous rhythm, to me, is like a steady flame running throughout and providing a constant thread of continuity, while more sustained and lyrical melodies weave in and out. Like any fire, the flames eventually fade and flicker out.

Written for Eufonix Quartet, this is a challenging work for each part, a balance between nimble technique and lyrical playing.

Score and Parts Included: Euphonium 1,2 (TC and BC) and Tuba 1,2

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