Praelude and Fughetta for Trombone Quartet (printed and shipped)

William Struss


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The first movement of Praelude and Fughetta, quartet for trombones, is inspired by pre-baroque choral music and should be played in a smooth style throughout, aside from measure 9 in which the dotted 16th 32nd patterns should be slightly spaced. The drone in the first measure should be played on the repeat of the section and the octave slurs should be slightly tongued. The notes in the descending arpeggio in the second measure should be broad but also slightly spaced. A feeling of movement is sought in measures 7-8, not to be overdone. The tenutos in measure 5 lend the piece suitability as an octet with a director, two per part.

The Fughetta is a little fugue-like movement to be played in a slightly spaced style at a moderate tempo, not too fast. The accent markings in the main theme need to be treated more as a weight emphasis rather than a hard tongue. The marcato section accents need more tongue emphasis, however. In measures 10-13 use a connected ‘dah’ syllable where notes are marked staccato under a slur line. The 16th note runs in that section should be played full value with a light tongue. The last notes should be connected and go from full volume to subito mp.

Parts Included: Trombone 1,2,3,4 (BC)

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