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The works on this CD represent a journey through human spirituality and growth. To some degree we all wrestle with questions of purpose, mission, desire, grief and joy. Our time is spent striving for a delicate balance between serving and investing in the lives of others and growing deeper still in our own faith. The first three tracks of Meditations reflect on elements of our basic human drive to succeed and make an impact. The whole business can be dauting, beautiful and tragic. Meditations culminates in a mission drift of work, indulgence and forgiveness. TARKUS seems to define a certain lot of us who grow stronger and more confident with each passing performance. Striving and indulging lead way to egocentric motivations and for some a wake of destruction. The mythological TARKUS being is burned up by his own desire. Uncertainty arises when the outcome of our striving is failure. What defines us now? The death leads to restoration and zenith re-birth of a Firebird like salvation.

The Hollow Men represents what is left when there is nothing more to lean on but your own will. The poem by T.S. Elliot invokes a Luke 16:23-27 banishment and hopelessness wrought from fear, sin and self-will run riot. There is a yearning and there is a void- but it can be filled!

The Pulcinela ballet is not so serious. This dance of life is beautiful and distracting. There are many twists and turns along the way but everything has a purpose. At the time I recorded and worked on this project my oldest son Anderson was struggling with many facets of life. He has since moved on and I forever trust that God has his heart. “How Deep the Father’s Love for Us” is why I do what I do. Only the grace and mercy through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, I know that it is finished, and I will not boast in anything. No gifts, no power, no wisdom but I will boast in His death and resurrection.

-Brent Phillips

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