Homeland (Original Australian Euphonium Repertoire)

Matthew van Emmerik


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This CD is a benchmark in Australian euphonium playing and is so musically diverse and immensely colorful. The innovative idea of varying the accompaniments to each and every track is truly a masterstroke. I listened to the whole CD and wondered just where the time had gone. – Dr. Robert Childs

  1. Concert Gallop – Brendan Collins
  2. Chimborazo- Mike Fitzpatrick
  3. Caprice- Var. I: Capricious – Andrew Batterham
  4. Caprice- Var. II: Sad – Andrew Batterham
  5. Caprice- Var. III: Energetic – Andrew Batterham
  6. Euphonium Concerto- Mvt: I. Allegro Moderato- Brendan Collins
  7. Euphonium Concerto- Mvt: II. Slow and Dramatic- Brendan Collins
  8. Euphonium Concerto- Mvt: III. Allegro Vivace- Brendan Collins
  9. Second Chapter of Acts for Euphonium and Two Pianos- Mike Fitzpatrick
  10. Concertino for Euphonium and Piano (Under Capricorn)- I. One – Brenton Broadstock
  11. Concertino for Euphonium and Piano (Under Capricorn)- II. Two – Brenton Broadstock
  12. Concertino for Euphonium and Piano (Under Capricorn)- III. Three – Brenton Broadstock
  13. Folk Dances- Mike Fitzpatrick

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