Lauranod Trilogy for Brass Quintet

Stephen Oberheu


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“Lauranod Trilogy” is a collection of tunes written for various ensembles while I was living in Lausanne Switzerland. The name “Lauranod” is actually a permutation of the name “Lausanne” in that it is the word that my cell phone would always try to autospell for me while text messaging.

“PCO Fanfare” was originally written for a mixed low brass ensemble and premiered in the foyer of the conservatory building. Originally conceived as kind of a joke of sorts, the opening fanfare figure contains a mini-quote from the traditional Irish song “The Rattlin’ Bog.” The piece quickly assumed a life of its own and wandered in its own direction.

“Chorale & Fugue” began its life as a simple exercise in writing a four-part fugue. The beginning chorale section was added later. After its first inception as a four-part piece, it was expanded to a brass octet and then reduced to the brass quintet version here.

“Rue du Midi” was originally written for Ensemble STUBA (Swiss Tuba Und Baritone Association) in 2001 and received its premiere in Ermatingen, Switzerland. A raucous piece with lots of energy, it is named after the street next to the conservatory where a few favorite hangouts were located.

–Stephen Oberheu

Solo parts included: Trumpet 1 in Bb, Trumpet 2 in Bb, Horn in F, Trombone, Tuba

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