Flying Circus for Brass Quintet (printed and shipped)

Jim Self


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Flying Circus was commissioned by the Pacific Brass Ensemble and was premiered in January 2002. It is a three movement work (fast-slow-fast). The brass quintet version was written in 2012. Movement one, Barnstorming, like it’s title, is energetic and extroverted, with a fanfare intro followed by soli statements in each of the brass families. Movement two, Castles in the Sky is a slow ballad with many contrapuntal solo lines leading into a 12/8 waltz. The middle section features a chorale quartet. This movement was completed shortly after September 11, 2001 and is dedicated to the memory of the victims and heroes of that day. The finale, Wingding is a fast, odd-meter romp that features jazz solos for trombone and trumpet. The title, Flying Circus, comes from my other passion–flying. It was recorded in 2017 by the Modern Brass Quintet.

Parts included: Trumpet in Bb 1+2, Horn, Trombone, Tuba

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