Concerto for Oboe and Piano (Arranged for Euphonium/Trombone) (printed and shipped)

Domenico Cimarosa, arr. Patrick Stuckemeyer


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Cimarosa was a violinist, keyboardist, singer and composer. He was Italian, and probably the central figure in opera of the late 18th Century. He was in the service of Catherine II in St. Petersburg from 1787 until 1791. While as an opera composer, Cimarosa was also a highly skilled composer of various instrumental concerti. The strength of his music lies in the richness of his melodies, the brilliance and energy of his rhythmic motifs, and his constantly lively accompaniments. Patrick Stuckemeyer arranged this setting of the Oboe Concerto in C-major in 2004. The piece was lowered to Bb-major and edited to make it more idiomatic for both the euphonium and trombone.

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