Concert Allegro for Euphonium and Piano (printed and shipped)

Giovanni Simone Mayr, arr. Travis Scott


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Giovanni Simone Mayr’s Concert pour le Bassoon et Plusieurs autres Instrument avec l’accompagnement is a one movement work loosely modeled after the Viennese Classical sonata allegro form created by Haydn and Mozart. Drawing on more than just form, this work often seems to pay homage to another famous work for bassoon and orchestra by Mozart. Rarely performed today, this work provides an effortless transition into the repertoire of the euphonium. Taking the instrument through a variety of variations, ranges, and dazzling technical demands, the work provides a refreshing piece of repertoire from the Classical period. This reduction, by Travis Scott, is based off the composer’s manuscript in which very few articulations were marked, thus rendering those found here as mere suggestions.

solo parts included: TC, BC

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