Wind Tides for Trombone and Piano (printed and shipped)

Adrienne Albert


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When Andrew Malloy commissioned me to compose a work for trombone, I was both thrilled and terrified to write a work for this marvelous musician and remarkable instrument as, although I have written for the big instrument in my orchestral works, it seemed more daunting to write for an instrument that is not necessarily thought of as a “solo” instrument (at least to other than brass players!). So, with Andy’s help, and it is always wonderful when a composer has the luxury of collaborating with a great player, I learned about the different sonorities, positions, and challenges of this instrument. “Wind Tides” for trombone and piano can be likened to a mini-concerto in a single movement with a fairly lengthy cadenza and is basically in ABA form. The title comes from the obvious reference to the breath required for this instrument and from the ebb and flow of the music.

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