A Practical Guide to Wind Band Excerpts for the Euphonium (printed and shipped)

Robert Pendergast, arr. Ryan McGeorge


Robert Pendergast, arr. Ryan McGeorge

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This collection of annotated euphonium excerpts contains composed or arranged works for band that feature prominent solo passages or difficult technical and/or musical challenges for the euphonium. Excerpts were chosen not only based on the merits of the music, but for their recent use in military and civilian band auditions. Additionally, the authors have made efforts not to repeat excerpts found in Barbara Payne’s Euphonium Excerpts from the Standard Band and Orchestral Library (another excellent and proven resource).

This volume includes marches, transcriptions and original works with notations and practice/performance suggestions from the authors. Composers include Alford, Filmore, Heed, Jewell, King, Sousa, Panella, Chance, Grainger, Grantham, Holsinger, Holst, Jacob, Kozhevnikov, Nelson, Nixon, Smith, Sparke, Vaughan Williams, Auber, Berlioz, Chabrier, Gershwin, Glinka, Liszt, Makris, Respighi, Schuman, Smetana, Verdi, Weber and Walton.

A series of appendices include suggestions for how to practice excerpts, tips on how to choose a good recording, a list of well-known bands and recommended reading.

Part included: euphonium (BC)

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