We will Miss You for Tuba – Euphonium Quartet (printed and shipped)

Patrick Young


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As a musician, I sometimes lose focus on the importance of life. Each day musicians spend a countless amount of hours practicing and studying that it is very difficult to “take a step away.” However it seems that when a life is lost, it is as though all practicing and study comes to a screeching halt to understand the death of the individual. Regardless of whether we know the person or not, can’t a person at any given moment change the life of another? “We Will Miss You” has a very recognizable melodic line throughout and should be heard. As the chords pull the music forward, please remember the person for whom you are playing this piece of music for. There are moments during this piece where it should be uplifting and filled with light, stretching the sounds closer to the heavens above.

This piece was dedicated to Dr. Kelly Thomas. I was first introduced to Dr. Thomas as a possible master’s student at the University of Tennessee while attending ITEC, Bloomington. Through numerous emails I can honestly say he was always incredibly helpful and enthusiastic about helping me make the right decision. — Upon hearing of his passing, I immediately began composing “We Will Miss You”. The piece tries to feature all parts by passing the melody around to all the voices that Dr. Thomas would have played. I hope performing “We Will Miss You” allows for some type of relief within your life. I hope you feel a weight off of your shoulders knowing that you gave one of the most precious things you can give, to a person who has lost their life; your heart. Rest in peace Dr. Kelly Thomas.

Parts Included: Euphonium 1-2, Tuba 1-2

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