Three Pieces for Clarinet Solo

Armando Guevara Ochoa, arr. Katherine Palmer


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The Three Pieces for solo clarinet (Fantasia Peruana, Partita Peruana and Capricho No. 12) all represent the Cusqueno sound that Guevara Ochoa popularized in Peruvian classical music. The Fantasia was originally scores for solo trumpet, while the Partita was written for solo flute. The Capricho was composed for solo violin. Because Guevara Ochoa was a violin prodigy, this work may most closely reflect Guevara Ochoa’s original musical voice. All three pieces contain the hallmarks of his compositional style – short themes, huayno rhythms and pentatonic scales.

I believe the Three Pieces provide contrasting representations of Guevara Ochoa’s scoring for solo instruments. Additionally, each work presents its own unique challenges while demonstrating the composer’s unique Andean compositional style.

– Katherine Palmer (arranger)

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