The Girl with the Flaxen Hair for Tuba-Euphonium Quartet (PDF download)

Claude Debussy, arr. Christopher Carlone


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From the arranger:

Claude Debussy is considered a huge influence in the development of early 20th century music. Having studied in the Paris Conservatory at a very young age he was able to pursue composition and embody the progression of French compositions and tonality for the late romantic era. He was considered an impressionist composer, who uses timbre as the color for his musical paintings. Even though Debussy only used a solo keyboard for most of his Preludes, he is considered to have painted a picture using new and unique tonalities and chord progressions.

The Girl with the Flaxen Hair is a short but charming prelude based on a poem by Charles Marie Rene Leconte de Lisle. It is one of the most popular of works in Debussy’s First Book of Preludes. The melody is based upon the delicate arpeggio of a minor seventh chord. After landing on the tonic it builds to the IV and then gracefully falls using parallel fourths and fifths back to a quiet tonic.

  • Christopher Carlone

Score and parts included: Euphonium (BC), Tuba


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