Something Old, Something New: Ten Duets for Tuba (printed and shipped)

John Hadden


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As a member of the low brass family, I often find myself humming famous melodies that the tuba does not ever get the chance to play. Ironically, the only thing missing from some of these melodies is the majestic sound of a gargantuan tuba. As many of my low brass brothers and sisters would likely share this sentiment, it was time that these melodies were graciously set on the tuba players’ stands. Something Old, Something New: Ten Duets for Two Tubas takes several of these legendary lines and alters them in all sorts of ways so that the tubist may bellow out the classics. Of the set, half are completely original works and half are based on orchestral excerpts that musicians everywhere recognize and cherish.

I. Original

II. Original

III. Horn Concerto No. 1, Strauss

IV. An American in Paris, Gershwin

V. Original

VI. Symphony No. 5, Mahler

VII. Original

VIII. Symphony No. 4 in F Minor, Tchaikovsky

IX. The Rite of Spring, Stravinsky

X. Original

Score and Parts Included: Tuba

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