Shindig for 4 Euphoniums and 4 Tubas (Printed and shipped)

Jim Self


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Shindig (In them thar hills) was written in 2016 for my “Amigo “Winston Morris for his 50th Anniversary Concert at Tennessee Tech University and was premiered there by 8 of his former graduates.. It is a 4:34 minute piece for Euphonium/Tuba Octet of 4 Euphoniums, 2 Bass Tubas and 2 Contra-Bass Tubas. It is tonal, bitonal and modal and, like much of my music, it has many of my favorite things: odd and shifting meters, hemiolas, sudden accents unexpected anticipations, pretty interludes and contrasting sections. It requires strong players on every part. Like many of my titles, it is play on words–and fondly pokes fun about Winst

on’s part of Tennessee. The piece is very lively and is a lot of fun for the players and the audience, The 2nd performance was that summer at the International Euphonium/Tuba Conference in Georgia.

Jim Self

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