Seven Shards for Three Flutes

James Grant


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James Grant’s Seven Shards for Three Flutes is an arrangement of his Songs Without Words No. 4: Seven Shards for Trio d’anches (oboe, clarinet and bassoon). The 8’30” composition is a rondo of four developing refrains, interspersed with three episodes. The texture is contrapuntal and the tempo brisk throughout, while the musicians play various combinations of piccolo, flute, and alto flute. The brief shards are to be presented in succession, without significant pause. They are marked: Precision; Insistence; Ornamental; Agreement; Ragtime, sort of; Baroque, sort of; and Finale.

This version of the Seven Shards was commissioned by Whole Musician ( Meg Griffith, Megan Lanz, Christopher Lee, Rik Noyce, and Niall O’Riordan. It is dedicated with thanks to Meg, Megan, and Rik, who took it for its first spin.

About the Songs Without Words Project

James Grant is composing 4-8 new university-level recital and chamber pieces each year in his ongoing Songs Without Words Project. Each new piece is composed specifically for one (or a grouping) of the principal woodwind, brass and stringed instruments; then, where appropriate, that music is fashioned into versions for other instruments.

Administered by Potenza Music, the Songs Without Words Project brings together university students and their teachers in simple-to-join, affordably-priced consortia to commission new pieces of music composed specifically for them and their instruments’ repertoires. As a consortium is announced for a given instrument, players visit, pre-purchase the composition and become official Commissioners of the new Songs Without Words Project recital or chamber piece. Within three months of becoming Commissioners, they receive in the mail their Potenza-published hardcopy, which includes a list of the Commissioners who have supported the creation of the music.

For more information on James Grant’s music and his Songs Without Words Project, visit

parts included: Flute 1, 2, 3

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