Scenes from Childhood for Tuba and Piano

Robert Schumann, arr. Jim Self


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Robert Schumann (1810-1856) wrote Scenes from Childhood, Op.15 in 1838 for his future wife Clara. His music, with its lyricism and extra-musical associations is often considered the height of romanticism.  He wrote “I was thinking of children when I composed the pieces–but the titles were given afterwards and…are, in fact, nothing but directions for the performance of the music”. This famous work for solo piano is in thirteen short descriptive pieces–seven of which are arranged here for tuba and piano.   

Jim Self has worked for all the major Hollywood  studios performing on hundreds of motion pictures, television shows and records. His solos in major films include John William’s scores to Hook, Home Alone and Close Encounters of the Third Kind and James Horner’s American Tail II, Rocketeer and Batteries Not Included.  He holds principal tuba positions with the Pacific Symphony, Pasadena Symphony, Hollywood Bowl Orchestra, Los Angeles Music Center Opera, Opera Pacific and  American Ballet Theater/Los Angeles.

As a Yamaha performing artist, Mr. Self has given concerts and clinics in Europe, Japan and across the United States. He has jazz and classical recordings on the Discovery/Trend, Concord and Summit labels. His compositions and arrangements include solo pieces and works for orchestra, chamber and and jazz ensembles.  Jim is a past president of T.U.B.A, was on the faculty of the University of Tennessee, and is a former member of The United States Army Band, Washington, D.C. Born in 1943 in Franklin, Pa., Self holds degrees from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Catholic University and a doctorate from the University of Southern California where he teaches tuba and chamber music. His primary tuba teachers were William Becker, Harvey Phillips and Tommy Johnson.

Scenes from Childhood can be heard on Jim Self’s recording      

                 Changing Colors , Summit DCD 132, with Terry Trotter, piano.

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