Romantatronic: Remix for Clarinet and Piano (PDF download)

Daniel Nelson


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Composer Daniel Nelson says the following about Romantatronic: Remix:

“In the beginning of January, 2000 I completed a large-scale work for clarinet and orchestra. Upon its completion, I felt somewhat exhausted by the flashy and virtuoso style of writing which tends to typify the solo parts of concerti. This time… I decided to forfeit any pyrotechnical exhibitions by the soloist in favor of incorporating the instrument into the larger fabric of the orchestra. Concurrent with starting to work on this new piece, I was engaged in an altogether different project involving, among others, a Swedish deejay whose field of expertise is popular, modern dance-music…. During numerous evenings of CD listening to this genre of music, I was drawn to the way that rhythmically contrasting layers of music were constantly alternating between background and foreground. The resulting effect was of a continuously changing ‘groove-pattern’ even though the ‘beat’ of the music remained constant. I used this style of writing mainly in the fast, second section of the piece, which I felt gave it a distinct technotronic flavor. The mood of the opening movement is, however, undeniably romantic: thus the title of the piece, Romantatronic.”

Solo Parts Included: Clarinet

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