Praxis for Euphonium and Percussion Ensemble

Fernando Deddos


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Mallet Percussion – Marimba/Vibraphone

Percussion A – Suspended Cymbal; Timpani (2 piece); Tam-Tam; Wood-Wood

Percussion B – 3 Tom-Toms; Low-Drum; Triangle; Gran Cassa; Wood Blocks

Percussion C – Low Tom; Gran Cassa; Snare Drum (Medium-High); Wood-Wood


 PRAXIS is about existence in everyday life, its routine and the applying of experience.

The piece is divided in 3 parts, just like a day. A reflexive and constructive Recitativo awakes the spirited and intentioned organization of a sunrise. In the Allegretto Circular, the continuous movement of the rhythm and the texture between the mallet percussion and the euphonium comes in an effort to represent the development and flowing of an individual’s day.  The subsequent Presto Agitato dialogues about the posterior reflection of a night, it may be a Beethovian revolution, a meditative conclusion, or a bohemian reflection. The work is mainly influenced by Brazilian folksongs from the coast of the Parana State in Brazil and the alternative element can be found in the “wood-shoes” sound, which is characteristic of that region’s traditional music.



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