pentes:grammes for Solo Piccolo

Thomas Dempster


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Thomas Dempster writes, “Divided into five short movements, this work makes usage of vertiginous trajectories and the extremes of range of the piccolo: that is, the sheer precipitous movement from extreme middle to extreme-extreme high, and the thin, airy cliffs between. In some dialects of French, the word pont – bridge – is homophonous to the word pentes (or near enough, as the voice of the flute is to that of the piccolo). At least on a literary level, this could reflect back upon the nature of the piece – short bursts of activity connected by reflective, connective tissues all extrapolated from the first explosive 45 seconds of music. This work was originally completed in July 2007 and revised in January 2009.”

Solo Parts Included: Piccolo

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