Nite Flite for Tuba and Piano (printed and shipped)

Daniel Kramer


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Nite Flite was composed during the winter of 2008-2009 and was originally conceived as the middle movement to a Sonata for Tuba and Piano. The composer premiered this sonata on April 15th of that year.

As the strongest of the movements from the sonata, I decided to keep it as an independent song for tuba and piano, but I would need a new name for the piece. The beautiful, soaring melodies of the piece, along with the child-like simplicity and quality to the piece as a whole, lead me to the title Nite Flite. I am reminded of how a younger child may imagine the ability to jump up and fly through the air, perhaps at night, soaring over great landscapes and seeing many wonderful things on their journey. The adventurousness of such thoughts is an attractive concept, and one that seems to pervade every generation. I also consciously chose the given spelling in an effort to invoke a feeling of childlike innocence to the piece.

–Daniel Kramer

Solo parts included: Tuba

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