Mikro-Sonata for Solo Clarinet

Aleksandar Obradovic


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Aleksandar Obradovic’s Mikro-sonata is a piece that unfortunately disappeared from the clarinet repertoire when it went out of print, but is now back in a new edition. Its first two movements are early explorations of the potential of multi-phonics and other extended techniques for clarinet. The fanciful, jazz-inspired Praeludium draws the listener in and provides a stark contrast for the haunting tones of the Arietta that follows. A quirky, but fun Fughetta rounds out the composition, challenging the clarinetist to highlight a theme that would normally be found in imitation, but in this case is presented by a solo instrument. Obradovic, perhaps the most prolific and respected twentieth-century Serbian composer, dedicated both this work and a previously composed clarinet concerto to his countryman Milenko Stefanovic, who first recorded each of them.

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