Methods of Cooking for Brass Quintet

Daniel Kramer


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Methods of Cooking originated as a piece for brass septet that was later arranged for the brass quintet format. It is a multi-movement work that explores several variations of a main theme that is found throughout all four movements. Each movement seeks to evoke a certain style associated with a type of cooking. The first movement, Simmer , introduces the main thematic material of the piece from the beginning. Simmering indicates a temperature below boiling that generally is “softer” or “gentler” in food preparation. Hence, the movement is a bit more restrained, without breaking up the material a great deal. Boil follow as the second movement, and as the temperature rises, so too does the pace of the music! Boiling can sometimes lead to chaotic situations in the kitchen, and the movement looks to capture the energy of both the food as it boils, as well as the preparer as they make their way around the kitchen. This variation brings the thematic material into 6/8 time, as well as introducing new ideas that help make the music even more dynamic. The third movement slows things back down with Braise , which tends to be a longer method of cooking. The thematic material is surrounded with thicker harmonies and slowly announced throughout the movement? this mimics the richness of flavor often associated with braising foods, and signifies the amount of time this process often takes to complete. Sautee is the final movement and looks to stay true to its original meaning in French, to “jump” or “bounce.” The melody quickly bounces back and forth between various instruments and the entire movement is bright and playful throughout. It also serves as a high energy ending to bring the entire piece together.

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