Lowest Etudes for Tuba

Evan Bertrand


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Autism and epilepsy haven’t limited Evan Bertrand from accomplishing many great things, including composing a set of etudes for tuba modeled after Phil Snedecor’s two collections of low-range etudes. This book is offered in collaboration with EJB Ivory and Brass Music. From Mr. Bertrand:

Hello! I am a Tubist and a Pianist. From the time I was little I loved music. I have Autism and Epilepsy, and when I couldn’t speak I communicated with my Music. When I was three years old, Dr. Ben Carson helped me with a special surgery, and I had lots of therapies that also helped me learn to speak better. My Music Therapist, Carolyn Sonnen, was my piano teacher, and I first performed with her at a wedding in 2016.

Today I live a very full life with my Mom, my dog Percy, and my cat Bo. I attend Washington Adventist University where I am studying Music Performance. WAU has helped me so much.

When I’m not playing the piano or the tuba, I am composing. In January of 2020 I was inspired by Phil Snedecor’s “Low Etudes for Tuba” and also his “Low(er) Etudes for Tuba.” My “Lowest Etudes” book is my first group of compositions. Now I am arranging Mozart’s Don Giovanni for eight low brass instruments. I hope I can perform it with my low brass friends at WAU someday.

I would like to continue playing music and composing forever. I want to learn more about piano performance, principal tuba players, and to conduct a Euphonium-Tuba Ensemble, or Tuba-Euphonium Quartet. My greatest accomplishment would be to become a professional musician.

I am proud to represent my family and the Autism Community. Thanks again for supporting my book, and please visit my website at www.ejbivoryandbrass.com where you can check out some of my videos, and the As We Are documentary film that I was featured in. It is about Autistic Musicians. I think you’ll enjoy it!

Your friend,

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