La Traviata Pot-Pourri

Giuseppe Cappelli, arr. Elizabeth Crawford


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Giuseppe Cappelli adapted themes from Giuseppe Verdis’ (1813-1901) opera La Traviata to create this short ‘pot-pourri’ for Eb clarinet and pinao. La traviata is a three-act lyric opera set to a libretto by Franceso Maria Piave. The opera was based upon Alexandre Dumas’ novel, La dame aux Camelias, and its first performance took place at the Gran Teatro La Fenice in Venice, on March 6, 1853.

La traviata was set in Paris in 1700 and is the story of a famous high-society prostitute named Violetta who, at the opening of the opera, has recently recovered from consumption. She falls in love with Alfredo Germont and abandons the life she has been living, but Alfredo’s father, Giorgio Germont, demands she break off the relationship for the sake of his family. With great regret Violetta agrees, but she is heartbroken. Sadly, she returns to her previous life. When she appears at a party with her former lover, Baron Douphol, Alfredo challenges her to admit that she loves the Baron. After Violetta reluctantly agrees, an enraged Alfredo denounces her and she faints in front of everyone. Soon, she becomes ill with consumption again. Alfredo rushes to her bedside, but it is too late and Violetta dies in his arms.

Giuseppe Cappelli’s pot-pourri for E-flat clarinet begins with the music from the Baccanale at the opening of Act III, a scene in which the revelry of Carnevale is contrasted with the image of Violetta dying. At the Andante (m. 49) Cappelli uses the E-flat clarinet to express Alfredo’s aria ?De? miei bollenti spiriti,? from Act II Scene 1, in which Alfredo sings of his happy life with Violetta in their country house. Music at the Allegro vivace (m. 79) comes from the orchestral tutti of Act 1 Scene 2 at the house of Violetta and is followed by an adaptation of Alfredo’s aria, O mio rimorso! from Act II Scene 3a (m. 99). Cappelli closes the work with a spirited finale of original music.

Score and Parts Included: Eb Clarinet

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