Jumpin’ Holes for Tuba and Piano (printed and shipped)

Luciano Feliciani


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Luciano Feliciani’s Jumpin’ Holes for Tuba and Piano is based on some melodies of Saltarello (a typical folk dance of the Marche, a beautiful region in the center of Italy), developed in a modern way, and dedicated to the great Italian tuba player Maestro Alessandro Fossi.

Probably the only “living” witness of the ancient and glorious civilization of the Piceni people, the Saltarello was a dance with captivating rhythm which the dancers used to declare their love to belve woman. The Saltarello is certainly the most famous musical expression of farmer society of the nineteenth century in the center of Italy. Economically very poor and with few opportunities for recreation and fun, in this dance the farmer let out to his will to live and have fun accompanied by lively music.

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