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The music of John Stevens, performed by David Zerkel, tuba, and Anatoly Sheludyakov, piano.

From the artist: The title of Journey perfectly encapsulates the essence of this project. It reflects the journey of the latter part of John’s compositional career and my own road as a performer. It also is evocative of the friendships and work that I have done over the years with both John and Anatoly, two musicians who I hold in the highest regard.

Track Listing

  1. Rise (2021)
  2. Monument (2007)
  3. Journey (1998): I. Morning in the yard
  4. Journey (1998): II. Midnight in the mountains
  5. Journey (1998): III. Highballing through town
  6. In a Quiet Way (2014)
  7. Five Muses (1998): I. Euterpe (Song)
  8. Five Muses (1998): II. Terpsichore (Dance)
  9. Five Muses (1998): III. Melpomene (Tragedy)
  10. Five Muses (1998): IV. Thalia (Comedy)
  11. Five Muses (1998): V. Erato (Lyric poetry)


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