Hymn of Acxiom for Trombone Choir

Cynthia Yih Shih, arr. Benjamin Horne


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Hymn of Acxiom is an arrangement for trombone choir of Cynthia Yih Shih’s popular song by the same name. Under her stage name, Vienna Teng, Yih Shih released Hymn of Acxiom on her 2013 album Aims. The song is about the multinational marketing database company Acxiom. Acxiom is an American company which profits from collecting data about people. This data is derived by means of: things we search on the internet, purchases made both online and offline, age, race, gender, income, location, etc. Acxiom compiles this data on each individual person and then sells the information to retailers so those companies can target specific persons to advertise their products. For Hymn of Acxiom, Yih Shih uses a voice harmonizer which allows her voice to be emitted and altered in accordance to the notes she plays on an electric keyboard. This also adds for an “electronic” timbre to her voice as the song is written from the perspective of Acxiom’s literal database. The chilling lyrics inspire both empathy and uneasiness from a promising yet dubious voice that carries a religious vernacular.

Hymn of Acxiom has been arranged for Trombone Choir by Benjamin Horne

Score and parts included: alto trombone 1-2, tenor trombone 1-6, bass trombone 1-2

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