Horizons for Tuba-Euphonium Ensemble (printed and shipped)

Kevin Matthews


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From the composer:

Horizons takes the listener through the transformation the sky makes from the end of one day, to the beginning the of the next. In writing this music, I drew inspiration from my impressions of the literal colors seen when looking at the sky during these times of day and night, as well as inspirations from possible symbolic interpretations of this kind of change: the end of one thing, transformation, and the start of another.

Segments of the third movement, “The Break of Dawn”, feature singing. The primary goal in these spots should be blending; neither the brass nor the vocals should dominate. If there is trouble with this, it may be necessary for more instrumentalists to join the singing parts rather than play their assigned part in these segments. Additionally, singers should sing the given pitches in their most comfortable octave, and should sing “straight tone”, or without vibrato.

  • Kevin Matthews

Score and parts included: Euphonium 1-5 (BC), Tuba 1-3

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