High Autumn for Clarinet and Piano (printed and shipped)

James Grant


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High Autumn is the second of four works commissioned by and dedicated to 78 adventure-seeking tubists representing 30 states and three countries, who fearlessly joined the 2001 Solstice/Equinox Commissioning Consortium to commission James Grant to write four new recital pieces. As each Solstice and Equinox approached during the year 2001, a new piece was sent out to the participants. All four pieces (Stuff, High Autumn, Just A Thought, Endorphins) now exist in multiple versions for orchestral and band instrumeents and are programmed frequently at conferences and on student and faculty recitals throughout the year. The music of High Autumn, hymn-like in nature, suggests (perhaps) a ritualistic procession–of academics, philosophers, pilgrims–and asks for contemplative interpretation on the part of both clarinetist and pianist.

–James Grant

Solo parts included: Clarinet in A and B-flat


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