Gobsmacked for Tuba-Euphonium Ensemble (2024 edition) (printed and shipped)

James Grant


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James Grant writes:

Gobsmacked is 3 min 45 sec of challenging, good-natured fun and games for 6-part tuba-euphonium ensemble, commissioned by Pat and Mary Stuckemeyer in memory and celebration of their dear friend, the late Dr. Kelly Thomas. Kelly’s accomplishments as a dedicated teacher, celebrated performer, valued colleague, and—above all—as a devout family man were, and still are, inspirational to all of us who knew and worked with him.

KT’s humor-loving, community-loving, low-brass-loving, colleague-loving character had its roots deep in his role as husband and father. Gobsmacked cheerily recollects a bubbly, high-octane evening in the spring of 2013 that Mark Nelson and I spent with Kelly, wife Jana and their joyfully spontaneous and energetic kids: Janelle, Keljan, Joelle, and Kenton (this was a few years before Kelsa-Ana joined the energy field).

The megawatts of love and fun generated that night by Kelly and Jana and their children, had it been harnessed, surely would have illuminated the world, just as knowing and working with Kelly illuminated our lives during the happy years he was with us.

Godspeed, KT—this is for you.

A note on this edition

This 2024 edition of Gobsmacked replaces the original 2016 version. While the musical content is essentially the same, the notation is clearer and judicious pruning  has taken 30 seconds off its duration. Two optional alternate parts for less experienced players are included (Euphonium 3 alt and Tuba 2 alt). These parts do not appear in the score.

The PDF download version coms with play-along files for each part.

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