Festival Prelude for tuba octet (PDF download)

Hidenori Arai


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This piece was written as the opening piece for a 2012 concert named “Willson Euphonium Festival”, and the piece was originally envisioned as Euphonium octet. The range of some parts ended up being far more suitable for Tubas, so the composer decided to publish it as a Euphonium Tuba octet.

Although it has several sections; a majestic opening, a light and rhythmic section and a grand Coda, one theme continues to appear throughout the entire piece.

At the time of its commission, Mr. Fumio Goto, the legendary Japanese Euphonium player requested that the composer ‘Compose new work’ or ‘Arrange the overture from “Music for the Royal Fireworks” by G. F. Handel’. Therefore, the piece had been able to get a few of Handel’s great motifs. The Festival Prelude is written in D Major, and that may be also have been influenced by the overture from “Music for the Royal Fireworks”, which was also written in the key of D Major.

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