Eleven for Clarinet Choir

Jonathan Russell


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ELEVEN was written for the San Francisco Conservatory clarinet studio as a companion piece to Steve Reich’s New York Counterpoint (both are scored for 9 Bb and 2 bass clarinets). I am a great admirer of Reich’s intricately interlocking patterns, jazzy harmonic palette, and rhythmic vitality, but I am less patient than he is. I want the patterns to change more rapidly, I want more dramatic shifts, and I tend to prefer more narrative forms. In ELEVEN, I use very Reich-ish materials, but treat them in a freer, more narrative, more whimsical manner than he would. This piece is both an homage to a composer I greatly admire, and a declaration of independence from the strict processes and careful control that characterize his music.

–Jonathan Russell

Solo parts included: Bb Clarinets 1-9, Bass Clarinet 1, Bass Clarinet 2

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