The Earthy and Ethereal Bond for Flute and Cello (shipped and printable)

Wendy Wan-Ki Lee


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Wendy Lee writes: This piece is my musical exploration of the philosophical struggle between reality and idealism that each of us has endured in our minds—from the mishaps and social injustices that we encounter each day, to what we aspire and hope for that seems far-fetched and unattainable. Although life is always full of wonderful surprises that play with our expectations, part of what determines our everyday experiences is how much we can look beyond our earthy encounters which may not be the most desirable at times, and strive for our dreams to come true. The stronger the bonding between the two extremes—the earthy and the ethereal, the more perseverance we can have, and the closer we can get to our ideals.

This piece was commissioned by the Hong Kong Composers’ Guild for Musicarama 2010 and premiered on October 16, 2010 at Hong Kong City Hall Theatre by Next Mushroom Promotion, a professional new music ensemble from Japan.

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