Dream Journal for Woodwind Quintet (printed and shipped)

Robert Cohen


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Dream Journal was inspired by the dream analysis of Sigmund Freud. Each of the four movements (“Hunted,” “Just out of Reach,” “Into the Bottomless Pit” & “Floating on the Wind”) explores a classic dream scenario. “Hunted” is a chase scenario, with the protagonist being pursued by some unknown predator. When it seems as if the danger is past, the chase starts all over again. Just as capture is imminent, the dreamer abruptly wakes up. “Just out of Reach” musically portrays the melancholy longing of some forgotten memory – a lover, a pet, a friend. “Into the Bottomless Pit” is the fear of falling into the unknown, while in “Floating on the Wind”we are flying through the air: blissful, free and content.

Score and parts included: Oboe, Flute, Clarinet, Bassoon, Horn

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