Do Not Enter for Tuba and Piano (PDF download)

Robert Cohen


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From the composer:

While on a recent trip to Vienna, I travelled to locations where Beethoven was supposedly inspired to write his Sixth Symphony (the Pastoral). I thought to myself that one could see how all this beautiful nature would inspire such a wonderfully optimistic piece of music. But I wondered what would have happened if one day, while he was on one of his walks, he came upon a path leading into the woods with a sign that proclaimed “Do Not Enter” written on it. Being Beethoven, that probably wouldn’t have stopped him from entering. But this was not the kind of place that would inspire a work with the subtitle “Pastoral”. No, no no… this was a far darker and more mysterious landscape. One could only imagine what would have come from the Mater’s pen had this been his inspiration. Now: it was mine.

Movement I: Strange Wanderings

Movement II: Midnight Walk

Movement III: Run Away!

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