Diptych for Clarinet Duet and Digital Effects

Christopher Mothersole


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From the composer:

Diptych was conceived in 2019 from my first experiments of the sound possibilities for clarinet when using guitar effect pedals. The result is an edgy cross-genre clash between classical chamber music and rock, utilizing distortion and pitch shifting to launch the clarinet into new territory. Inspired by the sounds and riffs of 70s/80s classic rock bands, the driving rhythmic interplay creates a sense of competitiveness between the two parts akin to an electric guitar battle. This is intensified in the final section, continuing to push itself over the edge until it nears the point of spiraling out of control.

This work is originally intended to be performed with guitar effect pedals including distortion, pitch shifting (8vb), and a volume pedal to fade the effects in and out. Additional effects may be used if the resulting sound remains similar to the composer’s intention. The piece may be also performed without effects.



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