Diasphere for Trombone Quartet (printed and shipped)

John Hennecken


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Diasphere is a musical world that features the revolving opposition of two ideas: pensive, deliberate chorales and aggressive, fiery allegros. The chorale sections evoke a ceremonial, sacred character that is enveloped in mystery, as the voices often seek out answers without finding them and land on harmonically unstable cadences. The prayerful meditations are interrupted by incisive fanfares and fragmented antiphony in which the players call out to each other as if from across great distances. When this journey reaches its climactic moment, the heavens and earth are connected by an expansive chord that traverses almost three octaves. Although this glimpse of transcendance gives way to a solemn, uncertain ending, I hope the work as a whole will inspire you to imagine the spirit that this music is in search of.

The contrasting elements in Diasphere are brought to life by the power and beauty that only a trombone quartet can deliver. I am eternally grateful to Timothy Myers, Amanda Stewart, Jonathan Reycraft, and Gerry Pagano for showcasing this piece in concerts all over the United States, as well as to Tom Gibson and Mercer University for commissioning it.

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