Bluez for Solo Flute

Josh Oxford


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“Jacquie Christen is an amazing flute player that was in school with me at Ithaca College. She used to work at Mahogany Grill, a restaurant I used to frequent after I graduated. It was there Jacquie told me that she would perform a piece of mine if I wrote her one. That winter I was working on Crystal Cruiselines playing piano, which gave me plenty of down time to write. I remember finishing on a beach in Mexico near Acapulco.

As a jazz musician, I was always frustrated by the idea of a piece having “jazz influence,” simply because it used the blues scale. To me, bebop is the heart of jazz, so I incorporated aspects of that music, such as moving in and out of the chord changes.

My familiarity with the music of Ian Clarke inspired the use of myriad extended techniques.”

-Josh Oxford

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Bluez has been recorded by Lindsey Goodman.

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